65X90MM Mini Shell 【全哥】 Card Holder Protector Case / Idol Card protector Trading Card Game Casing 卡扣式卡砖 明星卡 动漫 游戏卡 卡壳
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Mini Shell
Q: How do I know whether this card Case can be Fix into my card?

Answer: The size of the Card case is provided. Check the size of your card. If it is smaller than the size of the card case, it means it is suitable to you . For example: The Card Case wide 6.5cm (65mm) and long 9cm (90mm) .Smaller Then the Card Case, Mean you can Direct Place order .

Example :
️Yugioh Card Size : 58mm x 85mm (5.8cm x 8.5cm) ok
️Digimon Card Size : 62x88mm ok
️Pokemon Card Size :63x82mm ok
️Vanguard Card Size :58x85mm ok
️Weiß Schwarz WS Bushiroad : 62x87mm ok
️Battle Spirit BS :58mm x 85mm ok
️Magic The Gathering :63x88mm ok
️BuddyFight :63x82mm ok

Other Card 66x91mm Tak ok (Cannot , Tidak Boleh)

Mini Shell 【全哥】 Card protector Case / Idol Card protector Trading Card Game Casing 卡扣式卡砖 明星卡 动漫 游戏卡 卡壳

Product Description :
️Inside Wide 65mm , Large 90mm
️Check the size of your card, you will know whether it can be loaded!!
️35PT High-definition and transparent, strong Magnet closure.
️Acid free
️Hard Casing Best to Protect your card
️Example For Digimon Card , Yugioh Card , Pokemon Card .



答案:卡转有提供尺寸,检查看你卡的尺寸,如果小于卡转的尺寸,表示可以装入,举例:卡套尺寸宽6.5cm (65mm) 长9cm (90mm) , 卡的尺寸小于卡转代表可以装入,就可以直接买下去。

产品描述 :
️里面宽度 65mm , 长度 90mm
️35PT 高清透明,强磁轻松装入。
没有没有没有包括卡架(Card Stand)!!

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