Pre Order Playmat Customized 全哥来图定制卡墊 DIY Desktop Mat Trading Card game PC Gaming Mat Desk Yugioh playmat 动漫
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Note: Don't upload pictures in Inbox, because shopee will automatically compress the picture quality , Send us the download link of the picture first, or email to : [email protected] , and then place the order after we confirm it, thank you

注: 别发图在Inbox , 因为shopee 会自动压缩图片质量, 先把图片的下载链接发给我们看或邮件至:[email protected] ,等我们确认后再下单,谢谢

Pre-order delivery process:

1) Send the image download link or email to Our customer service for confirmation

2) Customer service will notify the customer to place an order after confirmation

3) Wait for about 3 weeks. If it arrive early, We will ship the goods in advance, and Our customer service will notify you of the delivery in Inbox.

Note: After placing the order, it means that we have already paid to the manufacturer, so it cannot be changed or cancelled. During this time, the Shopee system will show that the transportation and delivery failed. You can ignore it and wait for our customer service notification. Thank you


3)等待大约3周时间,如果提前到,就提前发货,到时客服会Inbox 通知发货
注:下单后,代表我们已经付款给厂家,因此无法更改或取消,这段时间Shopee 系统上会显示运输发货失败,可以不用理他,等我们客服通知就可以了哦,谢谢

Custom details :
️Customize For Playmat / Mouse pad / Desk pad with pictures Thickened HD version
️FREE Mat Bag
️Size Around 59CM X 34CM ((The manufacturer said that 1~2CM error is normal))
️Shipping process: Ship within 3 weeks after ordering
️Cushion Material: Eco-friendly rubber, washable.
️ File requirements: Jpeg images are best to find high-definition 1200 x 700 pixels

1. The manufacturer will modify the size of the mat according to the customer's drawings, such as changing the size of the mat to a smaller size (Not fix to 59X34CM) , or adding a black frame, etc. to meet the customer's picture and customization.

2. For Printed products, the manufacturer mentioned that a few small dots (if any) are normal (only 0.1% of the total area), Normal display on the overall color mat is not obvious . Perfectionists should consider before placing an order .

3. There may be some color difference . There are still obvious differences between the materials printed on paper and Rubber Mat . Apple and durian cannot be compared. Perfectionists should consider before placing an order . Playmat Customized No Refunds and Returns , please refer to the real picture sample taken by mobile phone , all customers are satisfied! !


️来图定制卡墊/滑鼠墊/桌垫 加厚高清版


️尺寸大约为 59CM X 34CM (厂家说 1~2CM误差属于正常)


️垫子材料:环保橡胶, 可以水洗。

️文件要求:Jpeg 图片最好找高清的1200 x700像素

1. 厂家会根据顾客来图做出修改卡垫尺寸,比如卡垫尺寸改小一些(不是准准59X34CM),或加入黑框等等以符合顾客的来图定制。

2.卡垫是机器印刷制品,厂家有提及几颗小点(如有)属于正常(只占总面积的0.1%),在全彩的卡垫上是不明显的 ,强迫症者求手下留情,慎拍。

Company Name : Forever Gift House 全哥游戏王10年老店