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Yugioh Sticker Sleeve 全哥游戏王 87 X 60.5CM HARD Self adhesive inner Hard Sticker card Sleeve sticker sleeves 新加厚 内层带粘
Price RM8.00 RM9.90
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Today, we introduce this inner card sleeve that can completely protect YuGiOh card.
This new model has risen several levels compared to the previous quality.
After comparing personal experience:
*Solid Fit body, there will be no wrinkles or size defects.
* It looks like there is a layer of glass, very bright.
* Relatively flexible, thick, and somewhat hard.

Summary: The point is that 100 pieces are only RM8 , cost-effective! !
NOTE: Sometime Factory Like to change packing , but Quality is the same.

* 比较扎实Fix身,不会出现皱纹或尺寸瑕疵的问题。


Product Description :
️Size : 87 X 60.5 CM - 100Pcs
️Sticker Sleeve
️Extra thick, smooth and flexible

Trading card games 适合大多数集换式卡牌游戏 :
-KONAMI Yugioh YGO 游戏王
-Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard 卡片战斗先导者

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